We all know that brain is one of the important parts of our body and life too. Many times brain dominates our decision-making, thinking, and even metabolism. It’s like an engine to our body and yet we fuel our engine carelessly. The brain needs a premium and pure quality fuel that is right nutrition which needs to be taken carefully otherwise it will lead to the faulty working of the machine, that’s our body!!

Research has shown that food rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants is very good for good brain health. A diet that contains a lot of refined sugars and saturated fats can lead to various health issues and impair brain functioning too.

You need to check how your body reacts after having a particular food. It is not for just one day but, you need to keep a check for two to three days after having it. Its after-effects will tell you what is wrong with that food?

Our body is made up of different organs which are connected by capillaries, arteries, and veins. There are billions of bacteria in our body and they play a major role in our body, especially gut bacteria.

The food we eat is broken down and gets digested in the gut and then it reaches our other body parts; if any of the areas are affected then the whole transportation will get affected. Also, there is a direct connection between gut and brain!! Poor gut health also affects brain functioning and capability. Bad diet, lifestyle, less sleep, no physical activity, stress affects the gut and in turn, affects our brain and eventually affects our brain function.

Did you know that nutrients through diet also manage or guide our nervous system, synapses, and cognitive ability which in turn affects mood?

Even the mood or the state of mind when we are eating our food affects its digestion, absorption, and working, which in turn affect brain functioning. The whole process of eating food till its digestion plays important role in maintaining optimum brain health.

It has been witnessed that the traditional diet” is very beneficial for our mental health. The traditional diet contains lots of vegetables, fruits, and grains which are very good for our health. Don’t believe it!! Still believe that brain health can be managed through medicine or just like that try having a clean diet and a clean lifestyle once and then a diet and lifestyle which is full of refined products, oily products, stress, lack of sleep, and see it yourself which is more beneficial !!

Here are tips that would help for improving brain functioning

Ø Include nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds in daily diet.

Ø Include green vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.

Ø Include fatty fish, eggs.

Ø Ditch the refined products and use only whole cereals and grains.

Ø Add turmeric to the diet.

Ø Improve gut health by adding probiotics like curd, fermented food, fresh homemade pickles, kimchee, sauerkraut in the diet

Ø Practice meditation and breathwork as it helps in improving oxygen supply in the body and improves blood circulation.

Ø Be physically more active.

Ø Take 7-8 hrs of sleep. Sleep deprivation affects gut as well as brain functioning.

Ø Do not eat food when you are stressed or unhappy or sad. Take a break, relax and then start with the meal.

Ø Smile more and Stress less

So, just like we eat to keep ourselves alive, in similar way eat to keep our brain healthy, wealthy and wise !!

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