Health Benefits of Wheat Bran and Wheat Germ

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Cereal based foods are an acceptable meal at all times of the day for Indians. According to the 2006 report of National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau, average consumption of cereals in Indian households is 345g/day/person. Out of all the cereals wheat is one of the most popular cereals from the Indian kitchens.

Wheat belongs to the family of cereal grasses. This is how a wheat grain looks like :

Bran is the outer layer making up 13-17% of the grain, Endosperm is the major portion making up to 80-85% of the grain and the smallest, germ constitutes 2-3% of the grain.

Like a perfect show is incomplete without the showstopper, goodness of wheat is fragmentary without bran and germ. Bran and germ together, blend the major nourishing portion of the wheat grain.

Nutrient check of wheat bran and its perks:

Dietary Fiber

Helps in keeping your system clean

Maintains your Blood sugar levels

Improves lipid profile(heart friendly)

Helps in weight loss

Studies suggest: Fiber aids in reducing the risk of colon cancer


Antioxidant properties- Important for your immunity, skin etc.

Reduces risk of cancer

Prevents infection

Improves lipid profile (heart friendly)


Transports Oxygen in the body

Important for your brain Health

Nutrient check of wheat germ and its perks

Vitamin E

Strengthens immunity

Prevent age related eye damage

Reduces the risk of respiratory infections

Helps in lowering blood pressure

Maintains youthful skin

B – complex Vitamins

Helps in digestion

Helps in Nerve functions

Protects skin from damage

Helps in brain and body relaxation

Provides the body with energy


Helps in muscle building

Executes the wear and tear of the body

Regulates water balance in the body

Strengthens the immune system

Surveying a wheat grain we realize, that great things do come in small packages. A teeny wheat grain embraces wholesome nutrition in the form of bran and germ.

But the present paradoxical truth is such that, conventional milling and processing uproots the bran and damages wheat germ. By virtue of which, wheat falls short of its natural nourishment by the time it reaches our dining table.


Text book of human nutrition by Anjana Agarwal and Shobha A udipi

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