Women represent the foundation of the family and its overall health, ensuring that every family member is provided with adequate care and facilities. The health of the family is tied to the health of the women.

Recent times has seen multifold increase in the matter concerning women's health. There have been drastic lifestyle changes that have led to an increase in the diseases related to women. Women suffer from unique health issues as compared to men and the issues that affect both women and men can have entirely different repercussions on women.

Some of the unique issues can be menopause, pregnancy, conditions of the female organs, PCOS, thyroid, and anemia. Regular and early prenatal care can prove beneficial for women desiring healthy pregnancies. They should go for regular cervical cancer, breast cancer, and bone density screenings.

Men and women share many of the same health problems, but women can get affective in an altogether different manner.

For example –

· Sexually transmitted diseases can affect women more seriously than men.

· Anxiety and depression are other health issues that can adversely affect a women’s health.

· Women are more prone to osteoarthritis than men.

· Urinary tract infections are more likely to hit women than men.

To promote healthy behaviors and to prevent diseases, exercising regularly, eating healthy and nutritious food, and maintaining a healthy weight are of extreme importance. A healthy and balanced meal is the cornerstone of health. Women have different nutritional requirements at different stages of life and these need to be changed at every stage of life.


Iron-rich food is necessary for health, and it is required in different amounts at different stages of women’s life. For example, the iron requirement is more for pregnant women as well as adolescents. Iron-rich foods should be included such as spinach, kale, chicken, beans, green leafy vegetables, etc.


For healthy bones and muscles, women are required to include calcium-rich foods such as milk, eggs, carrot, yogurt, leafy greens, etc. Calcium keeps the bones strong and prevents the risk of osteoporosis in women. Vitamin -D rich food is also necessary for healthy bones and muscles. Rich food sources of Vitamin – D are egg yolk, cheese, fatty fish, etc.


Folate is important for women, especially during pregnancy. Major birth defects in the baby’s brain and spine can be prevented with its help. Rich food sources of folate include green leafy vegetables, chickpeas, beans, peas, broccoli, etc. It is important to consume folate-rich food sources for pregnant as well as for breastfeeding mothers.

Women should enjoy a variety of healthy foods from all the food groups such as fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, healthy fats, dairy products, and lean protein. The key to good health lies in consuming a well-balanced diet.

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