Kids and parents nowadays are busy with an everyday schedule which makes it hard to sit down to homemade meals every day. Nowadays kids are mostly consuming junk food and tend to avoid homemade food as they find it boring.

Consumption of unhealthy junk food can not only cause health issues in children, but it can also lead to negative effects on the mental health of the child. Eating healthy food can stabilize their mood, improve health and help maintain a healthy weight. Therefore, it is important to teach kids healthy eating patterns to avoid health-related problems in the future.


Ø Involve your kids in grocery shopping, teach them how to read nutritional labels, instructions so that they know what kind of food they are choosing to eat, it is nutritious or not.

Ø Modify recipes in a creative way so that your children do not find it boring and enjoy eating their meal. A simple sandwich can be made in the shape of a star or heart with vegetable stuffing.

Ø Involve your child in planting their own garden where they can plant their favorite veggies such as tomato, lemon, onion, etc. Kids will maintain, plant, and harvest their own gardens and learn how to take care of them.

Ø Introduce one new food at a time and gradually start adding new ingredients and healthier food choices. This will help them adapt to the new food choices more easily.

Ø Limit the intake of sugar by avoiding sugary drinks, modifying recipes, and including more fruits in the diet as fruits have natural sugars and are healthier food choices, therefore substitute sugary junk foods such as doughnuts or waffles with fruits such as mango, watermelon, orange, etc.

Ø Include a handful of nuts everyday as they are good source of vitamins such as vitamin E, B, niacin, folate as well as important minerals such as copper, calcium, iron. They are also considered super healthy for growth and development of the child.

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