Do you know how important ‘Fitness' plays a role in living a healthy and happy life? How Nutrition plays a major role in a balanced diet? If not, no worries because you are at the right place.

Hi, we are here to enlighten you with all the things one must know about how to be mentally & physically fit and to include nutrition in your diet.

Without wasting any time let’s start to learn how to lead a healthy life.

In simple words,

Nutrition can be defined as Nourishment or a procedure in which living organisms intake food and make use of nutrients from consumed food to support their life.

Fitness is defined as a state of being mentally and physically healthy, where a person is in good shape, stressless, and can perform several physical activities with strength, activity, fatigue, and reduced sedentary behavior.

Now shall we deep dive into the topic?


Nutrition is a Biochemical and Physiological method in which a living being utilizes food to support its life and the science that studies the physiological process of nutrition is called Nutritional Science. The processes include- Ingestion, Absorption, Assimilation, Biosynthesis, Catabolism, and Excretion.

Nutrients are the chemical substances used to live, grow and reproduce. There are seven main classes of nutrients for all living organisms including Human beings. Nutrients can also be classified into two main categories namely, Macronutrients and Micronutrients.

Macronutrients are Dietary fiber, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and water.

Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals.

What is a Balanced Diet?

To maintain a physically and mentally healthy life everyone must eat a balanced diet. A diet that gives the required amount of proteins, vitamins, fluids, fibers, fats, and energy.

Some Important points to follow to be healthy:

★ Make sure to eat a healthy diet that has all the essential nutrients.

★ Reduce the regular intake of fast food and oily food.

★ Remember poor intake of nutrition may lead to deficiency-related diseases like scurvy, anemia, Blindness, and more.

★ Excess nutrients into the body are also dangerous causing diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.


1) Potatoes

2) Kale- of all the leafy vegetables Kale is rich in Nutrients.

3) Salmon

4) Garlic

5) Shellfish

6) Seaweed

7) Walnuts

8) Avocado

9) Beetroots

10) Lemons

11) Raspberries

12) Spinach- is the king of all nutrients and can be consumed fresh, canned & also frozen.

13) Milk

14) Fruits

15) Yoghourt

16) Grains

17) Nuts

18) Eggs

19) Lentils and

20) Dark Chocolates.


The question here is how much do you care about your fitness? Can you define your fitness rate? Well, everybody wants to be fit & fine but not everybody follows the steps to be fit. Do you know why? THINK…

EXCUSES, that's right you read it correctly sometimes you give excuses as-

“Dude! I'm already fit why do we need to do exercise”,

“I am so busy with my school homework maybe next time”,

“Bro, semester project calling, not today but definitely from next semester I promise!” … blah blah blah

Well, if you want to live a stressless and healthy life then get over your laziness. There is no need for you to join a gym, do some heavy exercises, just simple exercise, athletic sports, cycling, Yoga or just some physical activities are enough to be fit and fine. But before we proceed to know more about physical and mental health, let’s see how to check your fitness rate:

Some signs that show you're fit

★ If simple physical activity doesn’t exhaust you.

★ Normal heart rate.

★ You feel well-rested.

★ You are always up for cycling, trekking, and jogging even stairs can't scare you.

★ You are quite flexible and can do several workouts.

So, according to experts, there are a total of five components of physical fitness and they are: -

1) Body composition (proportionally defined fat and fat-free tissues in the body)

2) Aerobic Fitness (helps in overall health)

3) Flexibility (helpful in stretching and moving freely)

4) Strength (strengthening your muscle power and bone health)

5) Muscular Endurance (increases your stamina)

The above-mentioned fitness components will enable you to perform any given physical activity as well as will push your mental health too.

Benefits of Exercises and Physical activities:

★ Protection against chronic diseases.

★ Increase your physical and memory functions.

★ Reduces Blood pressure and improves your heart health.

★ Decreases your depression and anxiety level.

★ Helps to lose weight.

★ Exercise helps you to build a good physique and look smarter.

★ Improves your muscular strength and recovery rate.

★ Boosts your mood and helps to maintain good & healthy sex life.

★ Always up for new and adventurous activities.

★ Helps you to overcome exhaustion and give relaxing sleep.

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