Three tips to balance your body clock i.e. Circadian Rhythm

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

We all wish to have a happy and perfect life without any burden in our minds. But it feels like a dream nowadays. Isn’t it? But your dream still can come true by putting sincere, constant, and consistent efforts into yourself. If we observe nature carefully, it has the finest balance filled with great positive energy which attracts us. When we connect with Nature we feel fresh and energetic, as Nature transfers its positive rhythmic energy to our souls. Similar rhythmic balance, Nature has created in the human body also. She has set a clock in our body so that it not only works effectively but also keeps us healthy always. However, clock maintenance is our responsibility on daily basis.

So to fulfill our dream of having a happy and perfect life, it should be a natural response to keep our body healthy as far as possible by making a conscious effort to do so. By understanding our body clock and its various nutrients needs, we can definitely keep our body healthy and in turn, improve our quality of life.

In our daily routine, we sleep, eat, pass stool, drink and do all activities naturally. We perform all of our routine activities naturally because of the perfect synchronization of the body clock. Technically it is known as the circadian clock. It is an internal clock that keeps track of time. It helps to change our body’s internal physiological behaviors in accordance with the environment. If our internal body clock and external clock are in sync then there is not much of a problem. However, when our internal time is different in comparison to external time, then there is great trouble. A classic example can be derived from those, who work in rotating shifts. If someone is working on the night shift when his body demands to sleep, will have the worst cognitive performance in long run. You must understand that it takes many years of work by the human body to evolve and to adapt to change while fine-tuning circadian rhythm or body clock with a constantly changing external environment. Our body clock is perfectly controlled by a master clock in the brain, which response to light. This is precisely the reason, humans are effective and alert while the Sun is still in the sky. You must also be aware that circadian rhythm changes as the body ages gradually. If you follow the natural course of sleep pattern, then circadian rhythm shall be in perfect balance always.

In current times, balancing circadian rhythm is extremely difficult due to main three reasons as listed below.

1. Staying awake till late at night

2. Construction of high-rise buildings allows less amount of light entering the home so the brain master clock is a bit shaky.

3. Long hours in front of computer, TV and mobile screen

Disturbance in circadian rhythm leads to many health problems from severe constipation to fatal cardiac arrest. The three major most common diseases which are mainly caused by disturbance of body clock are thyroid, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and cancer.

The best way to synchronize and maintain the body clock is by increasing exposure to natural light for at least 2 hours per day and by decreasing exposure to artificial light as far as possible. It would be really good to maintain a sleep pattern.

Balancing circadian rhythm has its own advantage too. It helps to reverse your age, not chronologically but in terms of functionality. Our body is a self-rectification device and does the repair of blood, skin, bones, muscles, and everything except the retina. We need to keep this repair process in perfect harmony by following three important tips on a daily basis.

1Physical activities: You must perform at least 2 to 4 hours per day of physical activity apart from routine exercise. You must keep your body active not exceeding 10 to 12 hours per day. Don’t forget that your body needs to rest too to repair internally, what has been broken in the current day.

2. Nutritious and healthy food: As discussed in an earlier blog, follow five finger nutrient tips to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

3. Your day-to-day behavior: Let me put it straight, people with intense ego are always ill. At the same time, those who are kind and understanding are relatively healthy. I am not trying to make it a rule but this is observed on a day-to-day basis. Be kind to others, share happiness, and have a broad smile. Your body love to smile, dance, and is extremely efficient when you are cheerful and exuberant. You must give enough reasons to your body to express happiness and love.

Having a perfect life starts with a dream but it must end with planned, diligent, disciplined, and effective actions.

Take care of your body because if you don’t do it then no one will.

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