Vivek  Ahuja - 46 Yrs - 3 Months Holistic Diabetes Management Program

Health Coach :  Ms. Prasanna

We are doing good, and overall we are quite happy with the program of 3 months. i lost considerable weight during this period, my HbA1C came from 10 to 6.8!!! my overall blood report was much better in al parameters, this is with festivals included like navratras, dusherra diwali and many birthdays at home. i had a considerable backpain due to which i was practically immobile for a few days but with help of the program's Yoga sessions by Archana ma'am it was very helpful where one session she focused only for backpain...and it helped me a lot!

your introduction of new foods, new styles of consumption of existing ingredients was really good. i have in all lost about 7 kgs during this period. thanks so much to mHealth Team and @Prasanna  ma'am and Monika (Ludhiana)  ma'am for your guidance and support and constant action on the plans by @Rachna ji to help ensure whatever is recommended is made and followed regularly 🙏🏼 

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Srinivas B  - 58 Yrs 

Health Coach :  Ms. Archana

Hi . Definitely, this community program group is doing a great job by increasing the awareness on diabetes , recommending good healthy habits, advising on good, wellness, happiness and fitness...I am thankful to the admin and members of the group for bringing out important aspects and enlightening us for a happy healthy life. .👌👍🙏🤝

Rachna Ahuja - 44 Yrs - 3 Months Holistic Diabetes Management Program

Health Coach :  Ms. Prasanna

Thankyou@Prasanna ma'am and Monica ma'am for your guidance . Your constant support was of utmost importance. Your recipes always encouraged me and without your help i dont think so we could have reached the parameters which vivek mentioned. This 3month program was in itself a complete holistic program. Archana ma'am yoga class was really very beneficial and her meditation class was very relaxing and soothing. We have tried to include many of your guidelines in our daily routine. Thanku so much 🙏🙏

SriJit - 44 Yrs - 3 Months Holistic Diabetes Management Program

Health Coach :  Ms. Priyanka 

I have taken Holistic Diabetes Management 3 months program from mHealth. I have been highly benefitted from this program. My nutritionist has given me customized diet plan. Her regular guidance has helped in bringing my fasting sugars from 320 levels to 140 levels in the first month itself. I am really thankful to the mHealth team. 

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